This continues from my previous post and also corresponds to a comment by Octavian (1000fragrances).

In-House Perfumer:
An in-house perfumer would be nice for the House of Lanvin, but it will cost too much for their production scale. Considering the scale, Dior will be a great house to have an in-house perfumer, but then it’s currently owned by LVMH whose priority is to reduce the production costs, and in-house perfumer will be a definite no-no (however, LVMH have lured away a perfumer from Chanel to oversee all the LVMH labels). Just an idea, but it will be interesting to see what happens if an American brand like Ralph Lauren gets an in-house perfumer. It should be a different approach in many ways, but maybe not a bad idea.

The Future of Symrise:
Symrise is big, but weak for two reasons.
– Lack of clear leadership
– Not in the core list of big clients
– Lack of heavyweight perfumers (Maurice Roucel and who else?)
It seems no one is interested in buying out Symrise, and most likely the company will be sold in pieces.