I fell from a chair like the chimp in this video below when I opened one of the two bottles of the last mods for your fragrance after receiving them from Clement back in November (or was it in October?).

I’m just exaggerating about the refreshingly stinky note in R4/M.

So, who would be wearing this? I smell a chic European woman in her mid thirties who lives in an opulent apartment in the 16th Arrondissement. She doesn’t like jeans. She likes Fendi fur coats. But she has a classic sense of style without being boring. Unfortunate for me, she is not my type of woman, and I am clearly not her type of guy.

Your Holy Grail is now ‘locking in’ to a particular style which has a great composition, and I’m just talking nonsense here. But if you allow me, in the end, I’d expect an ambivalent quality echoing contradictions in your Holy Grail. Here’s very chic*k Gemma Ward wearing Fendi as opposed to an elegant and mature woman (hmm, sounds good, though) in Paris 75016.


Or is this totally not what you want in your Holy Grail?