Shai-Hulud… is what I associate this image with… love the striking and somewhat nostalgic contrast between the faded houses and a giant silver ‘worm’. The house stands out but also blends into the picture – comfortably surreal.

House Twisted by Alphaville was built on a narrow and irregular plot of land surrounded by tradesman’s houses. Like W-Window House, the house is steel frame construction and sheet metal cladding. This one ‘maneuvers’ horizontally while the other one rises vertically – same materials, different approaches.

all images: © Kei Sugino, all rights reserved.

Planning: June 2006 ~ Nov 2007
Completion: June 2008
Construction: steel frame
Total floor area: 1,075 sqft
Building footprint: 909 sqft

© ALPHAVILLE, all rights reserved.

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