At first glance, there appears to be nothing unusual. And then when we notice a drawer in each box pulls out from a different direction, we are like “what the f%!# is this?”


Who: Makoto Yamaguchi Design   What: Drawer cabinet   Where: “DEROLL Commissions Series 1: box” exhibition   When: 2007   Materials: Wood (white oak), varnish   Dimentions: 27.8(H)x27.2(L)x45.3(W) in.   Why: I’m sure the designer wants you to wonder.   Website:   Tag(s): Makoto Yamaguchi

Images courtesy of Makoto Yamaguchi Design.

DRAWER, 2007

This work is designed for an exhibition, ‘DEROLL Commissions Series 1: box’ in Tokyo, 2007; which was held in the theme of ‘box’, and participated by 5 famous Japanese architects. This is a cabinet which looks just like 5 simple stacked boxes. You can not find which drawer is able to be drawn, so you will feel surprised that the function of the box suddenly appears when a drawer is opened. You can utilize the remaining space around each box to put some objects as you like.

Makoto Yamaguchi / Makoto Yamaguchi Design