“Hankai” means partial destruction in Japanese.

Hyogo based architect Katsuhiro Miyamoto performed a radical ‘plastic and reconstructive surgery’ on an old house which had suffered damage by the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake. The new addition of the house replaced the 300-year-old Nagayamon gate and other parts of the house where the damage and deterioration were beyond repair. The new addition raps around the surviving part of the original house to support the weakened structure.

Who: Katsuhiro Miyamoto & Associates  
What: Renovation/expansion of a 300-year-old private house  
Where: Akashi, Hyogo  
When: 2007 (completion)  
How: Two-story wood frame construction  
Site Area: 9151 square feet (850.18m²)  
Construction Area: 1203 square feet (111.72m²)  
Total Floor Area: 2082 square feet (193.47m²)