The name of this house “Kokage” means the shade of a tree(s) in Japanese and refers to the shape of the pillars of the house. The house built in 2008 was designed by by Hirokazu Suemitsu and Yoko Suemitsu of SUEP. The aesthetic is defined by the Y-shaped structural partitions/pillars which also serve as the cooling system of the house.

Photos 1 and 3~7 © Shinkenchiku-sha, Photo 2 © SUEP.

Images courtesy of SUEP.
Who: SUEP. (Hirokazu Suemitsu and Yoko Suemitsu)  
What: Single family residence (2 adults)  
Where: Abiko, Chiba  
When: 2008 (completion)  
How: Two-story wood frame construction  
Site Area: 2918 square feet (271.09m²)  
Construction Area: 1071 square feet (99.52m²)  
Total Floor Area: 1372 square feet (127.5m²)  
Photographer: Koichi Torimura (except 2nd photo from top)  
Tag(s): Husband/Wife Team, SUEP