SZ HousePhotos © Katsuhisa Kida

A kid growing up in the mid 60’s to early 70’s in Japan would have repeatedly said “Baqueratta,” the only word (not clear in meaning) spoken by one of the characters in a phenomenally popular Japanese manga series called “Obake no Q-tarō.”

Obake no Q-tarō

There is an architecture firm called Baqueratta in Tokyo led by Yoshiyuki Moriyama who specializes in small to mid-size residential architecture.

OS HousePhotos © Katsuhisa Kida

Motoazabu AtelierPhotos © Katsuhisa Kida

ST HousePhotos © Katsuhisa Kida

SM HousePhotos © Katsuhisa Kida

A bit Square but nice work. My suggestion… just like the name of the firm, a little bit of whimsy in the design would be nice…