Photo © Sacré Nobi
The use of fragrances in plastics is on the increase globally. From storage containers, beverage bottles, to toys, many plastics are infused with fragrances even when we don’t notice. In my opinion, this only works when the level of fragrance is almost undetectable. (forget about scented garbage bags with strong disgusting scents, they are horrible.)

Scenting spaces at subliminal level will become the next frontier in architecture and design. Paint companies have not paid serious attention, but scenting paint is technically not difficult. (there are paint additives, but adding a scent into the paint later is not the best way.) Like paints, other materials for buildings and furniture have so much possibilities to be scented during the manufacture process. These scented materials could provide new ways to enjoy our living environment.

One of the most interesting fragrance materials available today is PolyIFF® developed by International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF). PolyIFF is a type of plastic which can hold scent for a very long period of time. It can have any color, opacity, density or flexibility. And what could be more interesting is that the scent added in the plastic can be created by the “nose” at IFF who also creates fragrances for Giorgio Armani, Dior, Calvin Klein, and many other known brands.