A somewhat typical view of a Bikers’ Apartment

This is in Tokyo, so the building is on a small piece of land. Each apartment unit therefore needs to adopt a three-tiered floor plan (eat-in kitchen/2nd fl, bedroom/3rd fl) for the building to accommodate as many motorcycles.

The ground floor of each apartment is of course reserved for a tenant’s motorcycle. Many who live in big cities are willing to sacrifice the size of their bathrooms, so in this case, a small bathroom will be placed behind the spot reserved for the motorcycle.

What’s interesting is that the bathroom and the rest of the space for the motorcycle are separated with a glass partition and glass door – a popular design scheme these days. It’s to keep the small space look bigger… of course… but a toilet and a motorcycle in the same picture?

Maybe there are some other reasons for this design to be so popular.

(click on the image to view it bigger)