I remember seeing this house on Dwell a few years ago. I was fascinated by its outdoor sleeping pavilion (with a swing!) on the second level, but that was just a detail of the house. The owners (and now the seller) of the house are partners at Minarc, a Santa Monica-based firm specializing in sustainable architecture and design. Naturally, the house showcases some of their best ideas for sustainable design. For more details on the house, read the articles on Dwell and Los Angeles Times.






via Los Angeles Times (Photo © Ralf Seeburger)
What: A house inspired by Rudolph Schindler’s Kings Road House is listed @ $1,895,000
Where: 3044 Greenfield Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034
When: 2007
Then: The original single-level tract house was sold for $399,000 in December 2000.