AMOSDESIGN, the company who designed and manufactures the bookcase Moving Mondrian, sent us these images of a handsome table made of Corian® and aluminum.

via A.M.O.S. DESIGN, s.r.o.
Who: Vladimír Ambroz
What: An office desk/table that goes well with iMac and Luceplan Costanza lamp

The majority of current office desks are somehow not up to busting development of office equipment. The outer form is rarely supported by the inner technology of the desk and it is offered to customers in a simplified form as a soloist or a row of desks in an empty office. The reality is much less prosaic. Hideous cabling for ugly empty computer boxes destroys any aim of the designer.
What is more, new technologic toys arrive: MP players, phones, cameras and notebooks.
All of them besides supplementary equipment for computers complicate the interior even more. Chargers are hideous and of various sizes. The camera manufacturer does not think why he produces the charger in the middle of a long hideous cable which you do not need. Yes, we talk about an work desk but all these issues are related to it.
Also, you want to have a lamp and other things on your desk. You do not need only 230V connection, however, connections to ethernet, and USB too.
Modern desk have so called cable grommets but who would waste his/her time with the cables. Nobody wants to stretch themselves, and the result is wisps of cables lying on the floor. The user’s comfort is gone and the expensive desk immediately loses its price.

A certain way to solve this comes up if one looks at APPLE products. Everything is user-friendly, sometimes up to an ununderstandable extent. It appears to be so clear that the customer does not understand why this is not common at other products as well. It is not only about the computer, however, also about the iPod and iPhone.
Everything fits together and it is not like a collision of two different centuries.
The 19 century furniture and current computers. Why not? Generally beautiful things fit together never mind the time difference.

Our answer is a design of a table which becomes a part of the system. It is not only a piece of furniture and a stand for modern technologies. We try to integrate the table into the chain of elements.
The desk’s board is filled by space for various chargers, adapters and other bits and pieces. Also all the cables are easily accessible from this desk.
The table as a unit is connected to a service cable for both 230Volts and ethernet.
The top surface of the desk is made of white corian, shaped legs are from lacquered aluminium.
The inner construction is steel. Size from 2000/850 to 2200/1000 mm.
The result is an elegant piece of furniture which in connection with Apple computer, lamps built in the surface create one unit… Away with the wires which deface our furniture …

Ing. Arch. Vladimír Ambroz
A.M.O.S. DESIGN s.r.o.