Photo © Yuichi Higurashi
We usually show houses and have hardly shown anything that’s called factory (except for Ferrari’s). This is an exception since the blog used to speak about perfumers and companies that make fragrances and flavors. I’ve never heard of a flavors and fragrances company called Sakae Aromatic. This is certainly not like the facilities of International Flavors and Fragrances in Hazlet, New Jersey… it’s sort of like comparing a mouse to an elephant. Nonetheless, I like this clean and intimate design without much frills.

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Photos © Yuichi Higurashi, aoydesign
Who: Shigeo Aoyama and Yukiko Sumitani
What: Lab and Factory of a flavors and fragrances company
Where: Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture
When: February 2008
How: Two-story steel frame construction
Total Floor Area: 16,964 square feet (1,576m²)