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via Andreas Aas (Photos © Eva Sauer)

020 LONG CHAIR – 2010

a long chair that comes in three different sizes; Small, Medium and (x)Large. the seat develops its rigid forms aware of the fact that a curve serves when situated in the right place, at the right height. more so, even a counter-curve is introduced where there before where no such thing. the counter-curve is placed just under the knees as to offer a much appreciated relief, as well as to maintain a steady seated position for reading a book, manipulate a future iPad or,, just relax.
structure of moulded beech plywood, leather cover and brass-treated steel legs.



via Andreas Aas (Photo © Eva Sauer)

021 WINE TABLE – 2010

a small side table easy to carry to the nearest wine-bottle. the table is designed to take advantage of its metal structure as to create a central, secure position for most wines or soft-drinks. as the metal legs rises above the tabletop to offer accommodation to the chosen bottle, they are also joined together in a top circle that form a practical grip for lifting and handling.
structure of brass-treated steel wire legs, massive oak tabletop.

Architect Andreas Aas showed these two new designs at Meet My Project last month during the Milan Design Week 2010.

ミラノサローネと同時期に開催された「Meet My Project」に於いてノルウェーの建築家アンドレアス・オースが展示した椅子とワインテーブル。