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オリヴィエ・ポルジュ : シャネル新専属調香師


via International Flavors & Fragrances | Photo © Hajime Watanabe
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I never like photographs of myself. They are often a bit too “cosmetic.” It feels like someone is trying to make me look like a movie star, and I am afraid I can’t live up to that. There’s nothing artificial about this one though, so that’s good. I look a bit serious, don’t I? I get tired of seeing people smiling all the time in photographs… If I had been able to choose, I would have stood further away from the camera, not right in front of it, with my hand in front so that I fade into the background…
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Pelo House

via | Photo © Kai Nakamura
In case you wonder where the name of the house comes from, “pelo” is a mimetic word for peeling something. It’s all in the details.
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11 Years

via Shaping Room | Photo by Hajime Watanabe

Today marks the 11th anniversary since the first S-Perfume® was launched in 2000 (eleven in Japanese implies ‘samurai’ and is my favorite number). Forgive this rather personal post, but I wanted to share the first S-Perfume website with our readers. Click the image!

Bold Choices


“All choices lead you somewhere. Bold choices take you where you’re supposed to be.”

A brilliant commercial film for Jim Beam created by StrawberryFrog (directed by Dante Ariola), which features my favorite actor. A short interview of Willem Dafoe and shooting scenes can be seen at AskMen.

嗅覚は芸術になりうるか ー 否




嗅覚が芸術として成り立つか? 答えは『否』。今度の新しい肩書きは、十年も持てば大成功と言えるだろう。そうは言いつつも、友達として一肌脱ごうじゃないかという気持ちではいる。

Beach Road 2

via Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

(A Postcard from Jupiter Island, Florida)

Like driftwood collecting in courses on the beach, the house comfortably nestles in the interstices between waterfront and road along a narrow site on the northern coast of Jupiter Island.
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