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Wednesday Follow-ups

Some followups on our previous posts…

ANDON HOUSE (波乗り長屋), 2006 (11/07/08) »
There are many more images, both inside and outside of Andon House:
Andon House (1)
Andon House (2)
You can also see how the house is being used during summer here.

There are more images of Atelier A Point Design’s shipping container architecture here. I like the bright interior.

I just want to show that we make some effort to visit the architectures posted on our blog. I went to check Sarugaku a few days ago. A bit of a disappointment really…

Wednesday Follow-ups

Here are some followups on our previous posts:

DesignTide Tokyo 2008 & Tokyo Design Week 2008 (10/30/08)
Our pics from DesignTide Tokyo 2008 is here. (it was too crowded…)

Δ , 2006 (10/28/08) »
You can see how the house is lived in here. (unfortunately, the images are small and low rez.)

Hyperbolic Paraboloids (10/20/08) »
You can see an image of the house with a car parked next to it at Judit Bellostes.

Dancing trees, Singing birds (10/04/08) »
I guess it’s time to take the myth away from this highly unique (and very popular) architecture. Here is the website of the developer of FLEG Bird Park a.k.a. “Dancing trees, Singing birds.”

Δ , 2006

Cuteness in Japanese culture is well known, and the word “kawaii” is even known outside the country. “Kakkoii” is another word that is equally important when Continue Reading