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Wednesday Finds

House within a House: We just did our “House within a House” on Monday. I was curious to see what would come up if I googled it. I found a few nice things.
» A Daily Dose of Architecture
» Tropolism

Container House: We can never get enough of these things!
» MoCo Loco

Weekend House Alley: A nice addition to the City of Kamakura, one of our favorite towns by the sea.
» Spoon & Tamago

Foreign Designer: We recently asked Jason of Cina about being a foreign designer in Japan. Here’s more information on a similar topic.
» PingMag

Sou Fujimoto: A while back, Nobi trashed the website of this wonderful architect (I would never dare to say such a thing!). Read this Nobi, Sou Fujimoto is a man of intellect!
» designboom

Wednesday Follow-ups

Some followups on our previous posts…

ANDON HOUSE (波乗り長屋), 2006 (11/07/08) »
There are many more images, both inside and outside of Andon House:
Andon House (1)
Andon House (2)
You can also see how the house is being used during summer here.

There are more images of Atelier A Point Design’s shipping container architecture here. I like the bright interior.

I just want to show that we make some effort to visit the architectures posted on our blog. I went to check Sarugaku a few days ago. A bit of a disappointment really…