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Monoscent G

Monoscent G

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To make a statement, all you need is a white T-shirt. To make an impression, all you need is Monoscent G. Unlike a perfume, Monoscent G can be worn on its own or as a base layer to other perfumes.
Monoscent G is the beginning of a signature style that only you control and craft. Wear it alone and let its subtle effect make people lean in. Wear it as a base to any perfume to deepen and layer it into a personalized perfume.
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Liquidnight™ by Carlos Benaim

via International Flavors & Fragrances | Photo © Hajime Watanabe
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Rich raw materials transformed into a smooth and defined scent, Liquidnight created by perfumer Carlos Benaim explores the hidden depth of the night in New York City.

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Top notes: bergamot, lime, safran
Mid notes: sage, lavender, Hinoki wood
Dry downs: incense, vanilla, musk
Style: mystique, chic