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Things That Make Us Go HMM…

If you saw our previous post, you might wonder what kind of building codes and regulations we have in big cities of Japan. Neither Gero nor I am an architect and cannot explain them with accuracy. These are interesting issues, and we are going to do some research. Thank you to some of you who have raised questions!

The Segel Residence, Carbon Beach 1979

Courtney Cox and David Arquette listed this well known Segel House by John Lautner for 33.5 million dollars in spring 2007, and it was sold for $27,250,200 a few months later to Jamie McCourt, the former CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The house right next to it (coming up next, tomorrow) is now on the market for 29.5 million dollars. The small community on Carbon Beach, Malibu might be the most expensive beachfront property in the US. This cannot be verified, nor can it be proved, but Carbon sure is “Billionaire’s Beach.”

There are some stylish, modern and extremely expensive houses from different decades along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, and this one sure has stood the test of time. But is the house worth near 30 million? I guess one is not going to pay such amount of money for a residential architecture on Carbon Beach, the money is paid for the aura of the area, which most of us don’t even know what it is. Or, maybe, some can feel a whiff of magic in the opening scene of American Gigolo, the movie which made Giorgio Armani what he is today (in my opinion, of course).

上の写真は、女優コートニー・コックスと俳優のデヴィッド・アークエットが住んでいた家。建築ファンの間では、ジョン・ロートナーの後期の作品として『The Segel Residence』という名前で良く知られている。3年前にコックスとアークエットが、この家を売りに出した時の価格がおよそ30億円。アメリカで最も不動産価格の高い、カーボンビーチという名前で知られるマリブのビーチコミュニティにある。写真左に僅かに見える白い家が、数日前に売りに出されたので明日紹介する。

このビーチコミュニティは、車の往来の激しいパシフィック・コースト・ハイウェイ沿いにあり Continue Reading