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Ayumi Han / Studio Han Design

via. Japan Design Net
I still have the colorful and chic handkerchief that a friend of mine designed at Tokyo ‘Geidai’ two and a half decades ago. Ayumi Han was a design major, textile design to be specific, at Tokyo University of the Arts (formally known as Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music). She was one of the friends whom I used to chat with outside my sculpture studio on the campus. Ayumi Han was a calm and intelligent woman who seemed to be looking beyond what most of my gang were interested in at that time. She was a good listener as I recall.

I am the worst when it comes to staying in touch with friends. When I leave a place, I leave completely (except for some of my family members). It doesn’t mean, however, I am not interested in learning about how friends I used to hang out with are doing. I was, in fact, delighted to learn about Ayumi Han’s successful career as an urbanscape architect when I was browsing a design related site a few days ago.

Cheers, my old friend!

Studio Han Design
*Don’t forget to explore Han’s website. It is in four languages.