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Who: Sotaro Yamamoto / Atelier Sotaro Yamamoto
What: Single family residence
Where: Chūō-ku, Tokyo
When: June 2009
How: Three-story reinforced concrete construction
Site Area: 724 square feet (67.29m2)
Construction Area: 399 square feet (37.08m2)
Total Floor Area: 1247 square feet (115.87m2)
Photographer: Shigeo Ogawa (※photo of the flag: Sotaro Yamamoto)

Who: Yasuhiro Minami / Atelier Implexe
What: Two-generation residence
Where: Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
When: July 2007
How: Three-story steel frame construction
Site Area: 709 square feet (65.89m2)
Total Floor Area: 926 square feet (86.00m2)
Photographer: Takeshi Yamagishi
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ウォレス・ネフという名前は馴染みがないかもしれないが、ネフはカルフォルニア・スタイルと呼ばれる建築様式の生みの親とも言うべき建築家。没後30年以上経った現在も彼のデザインした家々は、ハリウッドスターの間では非常に人気がある Continue Reading

Things That Make Us Go HMM…

If you saw our previous post, you might wonder what kind of building codes and regulations we have in big cities of Japan. Neither Gero nor I am an architect and cannot explain them with accuracy. These are interesting issues, and we are going to do some research. Thank you to some of you who have raised questions!