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Friday’s Dream

南カリフォルニアのマンハッタンビーチは、鎌倉と同じぐらい好きな街だ。それほど大きくもない家が軽く数億円するが、海岸の広さと恵まれた気候を考えると仕方のないことか。値段は倍近くになってしまうだろうが、この素敵な家も海岸から2、3ブロックのロケーションだったら完璧なのだが… Continue Reading

Friday’s Dream



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GINGER (2008)

Photo © Katsutoshi Sasaki
I asked the architect for a one-line comment on this house.


I liked what Katsutoshi Sasaki wrote me back – “a house that stretches out towards fields like tentacles” Continue Reading

Emerging Architect

There will be no posts by Gero this week, who is engaged in rush work and at the site the whole week. While he is away from his computer, I will feature, Katsutoshi Sasaki, a still unknown young architect based in Toyota (The home of Toyota Motor Corporation).

Born in 1976, after working for Norisada Maeda for a few years, Katsutoshi Sasaki has designed some interesting houses and buildings. I feel his work deserves some attention and am happy to show a few examples of his work this week.