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Camera Obscura

© Abre Etteh

We have always been fascinated by light. It has been seen as a symbol of goodness and knowledge.

This experiment is envisaged in a 1950’s, 4 bed roomed, former city council house in Leeds, UK to serve as a place to sleep, work and read.

Two roof lights and a window are fitted with converging lenses on blinds that project the changing textures of the sky unto the muted surfaces of the room.

The vividness of the projection depends on the strength of the light at a certain time of day.
As the sun traces a path across the sky, the different apertures project an image into the room in stark contrast with its flat planes.

This proposal is an attempt to pull the user into the depths of the sky.

This is my dream.

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Cher’s Hawaiian Home

自分の趣味に合わせて家をデザインし、それを不動産物件として売ることが好きなセレブリティと言えば、筆頭に挙がるのはシェールであろう。昨年ハワイ島のフォーシーズンズ・リゾート・フアラライに購入した土地に建てたばかりの家が、この18日のオークション(Concierge Auctions)に於いて872万ドルで落札された。
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