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“Two Islands: the two sides of Hawaii”


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In “Two Islands”, the second of four episodes of “My Road Series”, pro-surfer Nic von Rupp shares his perspective of the Hawaiian surf scene. He starts at the busy and active North Shore to then move to the neighbor island of Maui where he visits a laid back hippie town that still holds it’s crowd-less jewels. The contrast between these two islands and it’s stories is what sets the tone for this informal documentary.
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3,000 years of women’s ideal body type


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Throughout the course of history, the standard of female beauty has significantly shifted, shaping the ways in which women look and are perceived. BuzzFeed Video has compiled a short feature with a diverse cast of models, who take the viewer on a journey through the last 3,000 years of beauty.
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Almost Transparent Blue L’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A Sweet Dreams 2003 Thierry Wasser

50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra 427


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The limited edition Shelby ’50th Anniversary Cobra 427′ celebrates the half century since the original block Daytona Coupé which went on to win the world manufacturer’s championship, was released in 1965. only 50 of the special models will be produced and will all bare a symbolic gold badge that states which one of the line it is, i.e. one of 50.
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Almost Transparent Blue L’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A Sweet Dreams 2003 Thierry Wasser

Patrick Roger: Sugar Daddy

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The French Chocolatier Puts a Provocative Spin On Valentine’s Day

“I eat between 40 and 60 chocolates a day,” confesses Patrick Roger, the Vendôme-born chocolate artist. “Am I sick of it? Of course not. It’s like being in love—do you ever get sick of it?” Passion equals success for Roger. In addition to his Saint-Germain-des-Prés outpost, where NOWNESS photographed the artist, he has seven boutiques throughout France, and one opening in London in 2012.
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At New Home


Thanks to the folks at ThinkOvi!, our move to the new server seems complete. It was not just their professionalism and efficiency that impressed us, but their level of commitment was second to none. We have learnt a valuable lesson — never go through all the hassle and concern of moving a database from one server to another when you can simply contact professionals like them.

The Other Rome

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The Roma of Rome: Heirs to the Ghetto System

In Italy today, politicians have become the lead architects of a low-cost human-warehousing system designed to contain the minority Roma, or Gypsy, community. Visitors to the city remark that the visibility of the Roma — especially around train stations, restaurants and tourist sites — is lower than in past decades.
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