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Max’s Room

An adaptation of my favorite book as a child. I was simply fascinated with the idea that Max’s room could turn into a vast forest on the shore of a sea. It still will be my dream room.


A few people asked us about the rents of these “Bikers’ Apartments” in Tokyo.

The rent of an apartment unit where you can keep a motorcycle inside ranges from $800 to $1700 a month. The more you pay the fancier and more convenient it gets.

Currently these units are available:

One apartment (448 SF) is available at NE Apartment for about $1,660 a month.

Another one (349 SF) is available at Apartment in Shimokitazawa for about $1,375 a month.

And a few units are still available at Creer Ukimafunado for about $1,300 a month and up.

Wednesday Follow-ups

Here are some followups on our previous posts:

DesignTide Tokyo 2008 & Tokyo Design Week 2008 (10/30/08)
Our pics from DesignTide Tokyo 2008 is here. (it was too crowded…)

Δ , 2006 (10/28/08) »
You can see how the house is lived in here. (unfortunately, the images are small and low rez.)

Hyperbolic Paraboloids (10/20/08) »
You can see an image of the house with a car parked next to it at Judit Bellostes.

Dancing trees, Singing birds (10/04/08) »
I guess it’s time to take the myth away from this highly unique (and very popular) architecture. Here is the website of the developer of FLEG Bird Park a.k.a. “Dancing trees, Singing birds.”

City in Progress

Here (poke the guy in black below) are some fascinating images and an interesting interview from the most expensive city in the world.

Stussy’s creative director Paul Mittleman reports from Moscow.

Buddha in the barrel

Those who have been to Japan will have visited the ancient capital Kyoto but may not have heard of a city called Kamakura. Kamakura is a city by the Pacific ocean 40 miles south-west of Tokyo and was the capital during 1192 to 1333. Today Kamakura is a relatively quiet town where Buddha meditates in the barrel, and surfers meet a Samurai from the past.

Kamakura is my “soul city” where I attended a Jesuit school founded by German priests shortly after World War II, and whose school uniforms were supplied by the U.S. military (they donated a bunch of used U.S. Army uniforms). Unlike Kyoto where aristocrats had always been omnipresent, Continue Reading


昨日は、グラウンド・ゼロの前を4度通り過ぎた。オバマ、マケイン両大統領候補が訪れていた為に皆渋滞を警戒したのであろうか、ダウンタウンでの運転は思いのほか快適であった。夕方息子二人を連れて、グラウンド・ゼロから然程離れていないハドソン河のPier 40において行われた灯籠流しを見に行った。ブルックリンの自宅に戻り息子達を寝かす時に、テラスにつながるベッドルームのガラス扉から外を見ると、「光のタワー」が夜空を一層明るく照らしていた。