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Meet Olivier Polge, Chanel’s New Fragrance Creator

Olivier Polge for CHANEL

via | photo © Danny Ghitis

The world of fragrance can be Old World and clubby, so it didn’t appear much of a stretch when Chanel appointed Olivier Polge, right, to succeed his father, Jacques Polge, the house’s fragrance creator since 1978 and the man behind hits like Coco Mademoiselle, Chance and Allure.
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FRAGRANCE LAB – An exploration into the outer reaches of scent



The Fragrance Lab at Selfridges was created by London studios Campaign and The Future Laboratory as an audio-guided journey through a series of spaces designed to heighten the senses. The existing concept store in the south-west corner of the shop has been transformed into a white laboratory-like space, complete with assistants in lab coats.
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Almost Transparent Blue L’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A Sweet Dreams 2003 Thierry Wasser

オリヴィエ・ポルジュ : シャネル新専属調香師


via International Flavors & Fragrances | Photo © Hajime Watanabe
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I never like photographs of myself. They are often a bit too “cosmetic.” It feels like someone is trying to make me look like a movie star, and I am afraid I can’t live up to that. There’s nothing artificial about this one though, so that’s good. I look a bit serious, don’t I? I get tired of seeing people smiling all the time in photographs… If I had been able to choose, I would have stood further away from the camera, not right in front of it, with my hand in front so that I fade into the background…
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Liquidnight™ by Carlos Benaim

via International Flavors & Fragrances | Photo © Hajime Watanabe
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Rich raw materials transformed into a smooth and defined scent, Liquidnight created by perfumer Carlos Benaim explores the hidden depth of the night in New York City.

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Top notes: bergamot, lime, safran
Mid notes: sage, lavender, Hinoki wood
Dry downs: incense, vanilla, musk
Style: mystique, chic

S-Perfume Returns


Photo © Masahiro Noguchi

S-Perfume Classic is a calm weekday at a Southern California beach, your feet in the sand, the fresh air whipping off the Pacific and that certain kind of laid back, easy going-ness that these beaches are famous for.
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Frédéric Malle: Perfume Publisher



via | Photo © Geordie Wood

Scent Critic Chandler Burr on the Revolutionary Ideology of the Fragrance Pioneer

Photographer Geordie Wood captures celebrated perfumer Frédéric Malle evaluating ingredients in his lab at the International Fragrance and Flavors headquarters in New York. Ahead of their conversation on the art of perfume making, the olfactory critic Chandler Burr introduces Malle’s mastery of the craft.
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