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The Vipp Shelter


via designboom.com

Danish design company Vipp has completed their first architectural project – a plug and play getaway conceived as a ‘livable industrial object’. The 55 square meter unit, named the steel-clad ‘Vipp Shelter’, boasts a simple grid structure that supports the two level space, and elevates it above the woodland floor. Internally, the dwelling is fitted out with the company’s products, with hooks, lamps and kitchen appliances ensuring that the scheme retains a strong sense of identity.
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50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra 427


via designboom.com

The limited edition Shelby ’50th Anniversary Cobra 427′ celebrates the half century since the original block Daytona Coupé which went on to win the world manufacturer’s championship, was released in 1965. only 50 of the special models will be produced and will all bare a symbolic gold badge that states which one of the line it is, i.e. one of 50.
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Casa Balint by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos


via hypebeast.com

Built with stunning, pristine minimalism, the Casa Balint quietly rests in the suburban regions of Valencia, Spain. Ideated by Spanish architecture firm Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, the home was designed with clever elliptical shapes built into the two-story facade and surrounding area. Accordingly, a crescent-shaped swimming pool shadows the structure itself, while the surrounding garden echoes the shape as well. At the interior, the two-story home is focused around an open plan living space at the center, where the kitchen, patio, and staircase all conjoin.
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The Rebirth of an Iconic Argentinian Restaurant in Paris


via Yatzer™ | photo © Alexandre & Emilie (Persona production)

”The previous owners’ energy was something spectacular,” remembers a regular at Anahi, La Jeune Rue project’s first restaurant. The iconic Argentinian restaurant located on a non descript Marais backstreet in Paris was created over 20 years ago by sisters Carmina and Pilar until they decided to retire and sell the business to French entrepreneur Cédric Naudon who bought Anahi and 35 other businesses in the area. His aim? To create a design-led village of restaurants, bars and boutiques where the produce is sourced nationally. The Argentinian restaurant is only the first step in the creation of the new neighbourhood that’s actually proving to be more of a leap for the city due to its surprising lack of ostentation.
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Building a Cardboard Surfboard


If you have ever shipped mass quantities of products worldwide, it’s likely that you’ve worked with a packing solutions company. Experts in cardboard, foam and other packing products, these companies work with clients to make sure your beautifully designed product reaches the hands of consumers in one piece. “It’s like the walls of a house in a tornado,” explains Mike Martinez, Director of Consulting Services at Ernest Packaging Solutions, based near Los Angeles. “We protect your contents from the outside elements.”
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