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Ruin Academy

Casagrande Laboratory, our friends in Finland (whose work can be seen here and here on this blog), has a new project to share with us. As always with their projects, Ruin Academy (Taipei, Taiwan 2010) is mind-blowingly refreshing.

Ruin Academy (Taipei, Taiwan 2010 -) is an independent cross-over architectural research centre in the Urban Core -area of Taipei, Taiwan. The Academy is run in co-operation between the Finland based Casagrande Laboratory and Taiwanese JUT Foundation for Arts & Architecture …read the rest »

Also check out the Facebook pages of Ruin Academy and C-Lab.

Fictional Futures


If my experience of culture has proven anything to me it is that we have an insatiable desire to escape our own realities and create new ones. It also points to a fundamental psychological reliance upon fiction as a way to understand the world and our place within it. Idealisation relies upon fantasy. We could not plan for the future without fiction …read the rest of this article by allabouteveryone @ SpaceCollective »