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Under the tree of Totoro, 2010

The nostalgic atmosphere of a small village captivated Atsushi and Mayumi Kawamoto when they visited the site for a new house they were to design last year. There was a big tree on top of the nearby hill, and next to the tree was a small shrine, overlooking the entire village. The setting of the village would likely remind Hayao Miyazaki fans (including movie director James Cameron whose depiction of the huge Hometree and the sacred Tree of Souls in Avatar are still fresh in our memories) of My Neighbor Totoro, an animated film in 1988 by Miyazaki. In their statement, the architect couple explain the concept wonderfully, and I rather not butcher the beauty of words with my poor translation. By the way, if you have children and happen to like this house, I encourage you to rent the film Continue Reading




ソフィア・グロスマンが、”He is a good kid…” と評しているゲランの調香師ティエリー・ワッサーは、トイレタリーの調香師についてこう語ったことがある。「ファインフレグランスの調香師はファッションの世界と関わりがあるおかげで注目を受けるが、実のところ香りを操る腕前においては、優れたポーカープレヤーのようなことをしているトイレタリーの調香師にはかなわないよ。」ティエリー・ワッサーによればファインフレグランスというのは、何もない白いキャンバスに蝶よ花よという世界を描ければよいが、トイレタリーの調香師はアンモニアのようにひどい匂いがする様々な化学品の上に綺麗な世界を作り上げなくてはならないので、ファインフレグランスの調香師よりも遥かにテクニシャンなのだそうだ。

HN House by Shunsuke Uemoto

Photo © Toshihiro Sobajima
A reinforced concrete house covered with “shou-sugi-ban” (burnt cedar) siding — the ultimate in luxury and durability. There are a few more unique things about this house designed by Shunsuke Uemoto – a ‘crevasse’ opens through the top to the bottom in the middle of the house, the master bedroom and bathroom are located in the basement while the kitchen and dining room are on the third floor, and therefore the house is equipped with an elevator Continue Reading