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Skywood & Tilty Barn @ Living With The Future

One of our readers sent us links to two videos we had never seen before. We enjoyed both of them very much and wanted to share with you. Thanks, Dave!



Red Diamond


Located in the historic DongCheng district of Beijing, the project calls for a conversion of old factory complex into a dance center with a performance hall, a practice hall and a saloon.

With the intention to emphasize the public character of the new dance center, the concept was to make the courtyard an outdoor “theater” – a public space that would revitalize the complex, the hutong and its neighborhood.

By wrapping the old factory building with evenly-spaced-out steel tubing, the façade of the performance hall was perceived as a theater stage. The old white door in the middle was kept and untouched, telling the history of the building’s transformation.

The white floating box opposite to the performance hall is a saloon which was perceived as box seats overlooking the stage on the other side. At the same time, people in saloon are also being seen upon entering the complex. There is a blurred boundary between stage and seats. The relationship between seeing and being seen are constantly reversed.

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Junquillos Chapel by Claudio Baladron & Diego Grass


There are oaks, wind and rain coming from the west. A dusty road is at the east.

Community soccer field is south; bamboo and empty beer cans all over the north.

Now there is also a wooden barn structure over a concrete platform,

with corrugated metal cladding in the outside and pine boards in the inside,

plus 100 chairs, lectern, altar, virgin figure and a cross.

Mass is once a month, community activities every evening. Both happen in the same space.

A new chapel for 100 people in the remote countryside of Southern Chile.

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From the South of Chile