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Scentsation 2008

The best thing happened to the fragrance industry in 2008 was the launch of Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection by Coty Prestige.

The Harajuku Lovers collection is:
・non-pretentious and fun without being gimmicky (there are too many obnoxious niche fragrances these days)
・all the scents are nice/pretty (that’s all we need from a fragrance)
・the production process was very democratic (Givaudan, Firmenich, IFF – they all had a part)

Images courtesy of Coty Prestige.

The “Architects”/ Harry Fremont and Ilias Ermenidis

They are like the “Herzog & de Meuron” of the world of fragrance. They don’t always work on the same projects together but they work in the same Swiss company.

“Noses” Harry Fremont (right) and Ilias Ermenidis (left) are well known architects of scents. Together they have captured the hearts of millions of women around world. With their creations combined together, the list includes fragrances for Calvin Klein, Gucci, Gwen Stefani, Juicy Couture, Lancome, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Valentino, Vera Wang, Victoria’s Secret and much more. Impressed?