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Dancing Living House by Junichi Sampei

Photo © Kouichi Torimura
Last December we posted some images of a house designed by Junichi Sampei in the blog. We are happy to be able to show one of his latest completed projects in a three-part post.

From time to time, some have asked us to add floor plans with the pictures if possible, and this time we have them all! …cross section, exterior elevation, and the floor plans.

The house named Dancing Living House was designed for a family who wanted a dance studio in their home… an obvious challenge in urban housing design …and of course, like most single-family homes in Tokyo, it had to have a parking space on a small house lot…

Tuesday 06/23: Images of the exterior + elevation
Wednesday 06/24: Images of the interior (2nd floor) + cross section
Thursday 06/25: Images of the interior (3rd floor) + floor plans

Taets Art and Conference Centre

While much of the exterior of the building was kept as it was, the new art and conference center in an industrial town in the Netherlands has a stunning interior. It’s beautifully done, and I love the contrast between the outside and the inside.

Liong Lieの主宰するロッテルダムの建築事務所「123DV architects」が、オランダのザーンダムにある古い兵器工場をコンベンションセンターに改築した。外側は古い建物のままだが、中に入ると外観からは想像のつかないような非常に美しいデザインだ Continue Reading

Friday’s Dream

南カリフォルニアのマンハッタンビーチは、鎌倉と同じぐらい好きな街だ。それほど大きくもない家が軽く数億円するが、海岸の広さと恵まれた気候を考えると仕方のないことか。値段は倍近くになってしまうだろうが、この素敵な家も海岸から2、3ブロックのロケーションだったら完璧なのだが… Continue Reading

running at idle

What We Do Is Secret’s blog partner Gero returned briefly to Tokyo last weekend but is gone again to Okinawa where he is involved in some kind of elaborate carpentry work. While Gero is away, the blog will slow down a bit, and I will be showing only one house (a new house by Junichi Sampei) next week. We apologize for the slow posting for the next few weeks.

Friday’s Dream



Continue Reading