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Munich Sports, La Roca, Barcelona

via We Heart

conveyor belt concept for Barcelona based shoemakers…

Like some kind of Willy Wonka shoe factory, this new outlet of Barcelona based shoemakers, Munich Sports – located at the La Roca shopping village – is a playful fantasy, where “freshly baked” sneakers appear to work themselves across a tangling network of conveyor belts.
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The Fab Lab House

via The Designer Pad

In my recent trip to Spain I came across this very interesting article about a solar house contest produced by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, where the Fab Lab House received the audience award for the best in its kind. Because of its organic shape some referred to is as the peanut home, cinnamon submarine, forest Zeppelin or even whale belly.
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ROLY by Bruno Erpicum

Photo © Jean-Luc Laloux

This is a small outbuilding which has been extended and transformed into a house – now a bed and breakfast. The aim was to introduce steel sheets into the existing structure to create a mezzanine floor; the aim then was to extend these sheets outdoors in order to create a living room enclosed solely in glass which opens out generously into the natural surrounding environment Continue Reading