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Photo © Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates
We had a short series of posts last year showing houses and a building designed by Katsutoshi Sasaki in Aichi, Japan. The latest project completed by his firm last month has a unique shape to help reduce wind resistance due to the strong western wind in the area during winter. Continue Reading

House in Maihama by Yoshitaka Arita

Photo © Shinkenchiku-sha
The old house had moisture and security (i.e. burglary) issues before it was replaced by this new house. There was also another problem the young couple wanted to solve when they decided to rebuild a new one on the same site – reducing the vibrations from the Metropolitan Expressway running near by. To build their dream home, the client couple hired Yoshitaka Arita, a Tokyo-based architect who had studied architecture both in Japan and the UK. The architect focused on three things – raise, solidify and lower the gravity center. To achieve these three goals, all three construction methods common in Japan were applied. Reinforced concrete and steel frame were used for the first level. The second level, which is the family’s living quarters, was built of wood frame construction Continue Reading



(注:90年代の寵児ジャック・キャバリエは、世界屈指の調香師。出世作であるロードイッセイの世界的に根強い人気により、イッセイミヤケというブランド名が不動のものになった云われる。ティエリー・ワッサーは、世界的名門メゾンであるゲランの5代目調香師。ゲラン一族以外からの初めての調香師ということで大きな期待が寄せられている。前出の二人と比べ一回り若いクリストフ・ロダミエルは、今までの調香師のイメージには当てはめることのできない異才。日本では紹介されなかったが、ティエリーミュグレー社の援助を受けて映画「パフューム -ある人殺しの物語-」の為に、限定販売の非常に高価なコフレを創ったことでも知られる。)

Lazy Friday ~ Links

Who: Hironari Itoi, Jyunichi Sugiyama and Tomokazu Shinohara / sside architects
What: Single family residence
Where: Hino City, Tokyo
When: January 2009
How: Two-story wood frame construction
Site Area: 1,353 square feet (125.74m²)
Construction Area: – (-m²)
Total Floor Area: 1,071 square feet (99.54m²)
Photographer: Taizan Kamijyo

Who: Atsuhiro Koda and Momo Sano / comma design office
What: 6-unit apartment
Where: Suginami-ku, Tokyo
When: March 2008
How: Two-story wood frame construction
Site Area: 1,506 square feet (139.90m²)
Construction Area: 747 square feet (69.38m²)
Total Floor Area: 1,494 square feet (138.80m²)
Photographer: Takumi Ota

~ House in Tsu ~
Who: Yuji Okamura / TKO-M.architects
What: Single family residence
Where: Tsu City, Mie Prefecture
When: August 2004
How: One-story reinforced concrete construction
Site Area: 3,781 square feet (351.22m²)
Construction Area: 2,127 square feet (197.64m²)
Total Floor Area: 1,550 square feet (144.02m²)
Photographer: Tamotsu Kurumata

Marine Peyre = Cooked In Marseille 2

マリン・ペイレ (Marine Peyre) さんの紹介の続き。ペイレさんは、”What does Marseille mean to you?”(あなたにとって、マルセーユとはどんな意味をもつところなのですか。)という質問に、”Marseilles means happiness, blond girls, wind, sea&sun, noise, funky people, disorder, freedom… ” と答えてくれた。もっとも然り、まさに自分があの街を好きな理由だ Continue Reading

Marine Peyre = Cooked In Marseille

From Marseille, with love!

マルセーユを拠点に、幅広いデザン活動を展開するマリン・ペイレ (Marine Peyre) さんの作品を2回に渡り御紹介。今回の旅行中に雑誌で初めてその名前と作品を知ったのだが、ペイレさんはフランスでは知られた若手デザイナー。ユーモアのある Cooked In Marseille という事務所の名前もいい。先日も述べたようにマルセーユは大好きな街、彼女の作品を見たら今回マルセーユに寄らなかったことが一層残念に思えてならない。次回マルセーユに立ち寄る際はショールームを訪ねていろいろ話を聞かせてもらう事ことにして、今回は作品の写真で我慢しよう Continue Reading

HANEGI G-House: A Deceptive Exterior of the Future

The architect may not have done much on the exterior, but he has given a completely new meaning to it. I like contrast and contradiction in general, and that is the first reason why I am intrigued by this apartment. And there is another reason, which may have more significance. Japan is notorious for demolishing structurally sound buildings and houses to build brand spanking new ones in a relatively short period of time. Although remodeling and renovation have grown considerably in recent years, many Japanese architects consider those as sideline businesses. There are still so many houses and buildings worth to be renovated rather than torn down and replaced, and it is time to preserve what is still recyclable. Here, a typical middle-class single family house from the 1980s, which had not been inhabited, has undergone a magical transformation into a two unit apartment house. HANEGI G-House, designed by Makoto Yamguchi (whose most recent project I FIND EVERYTHING was shown here a week ago) recently, is a perfect example what more architects of his generation should be doing Continue Reading