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Les Bébés Cupcakery


via weheart.co.uk

The design concept for this cupcake bakery in Taipei is much like the design of the classic cupcake itself: a rigid, plain shell in which is held all the sweet ingredients. J.C. Architecture designed the cup of Les Bébés Cupcakery with the simple outline of a child’s drawing, faced with a huge window punctured by an equally simply shaped window box display and an imposing door, both seemingly floating, leading inside.
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KOOK Osteria & Pizzeria


via Yatzer™ | photo © Noses Architects

KOOK Osteria & Pizzeria (VIA CASSIA 2040, 00123 Olgiata, Lazio, Italy) opened its doors just outside Rome’s Olgiata in 2012, with the great dynamic duo known as design and food behind the helm. The young architectural firm Noses Architects founded by Mohamed Keilani and Luca Gasparini put their best foot forward to create a space that compliments the essence of the dishes while at the same time retaining that overboard-Italian character.
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Villa Escarpa


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Architect Mário Martins, founder of Mário Martins Atelier, has been molding the contemporary structures of western Algrave, Portugal for the past 20 years. Martins latest addition to the Algrave’s rolling landscape is the Villa Escarpa, a rectangular white structure suspended from the hillside that was inspired by the Bauhaus movement.
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Villa M


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Barcode Architects design for the extension and renovation of Villa M is completed. The design is driven by the desire to optimise the daylighting in the house and the wish of the client to reserve a prominent place for his large collection of art and hunting trophies.
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Copenhagen Townhouse II


via Yatzer™ | photo © Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

From the outside, we see a traditional brick townhouse with all that Copenhagen offers. Its four level vertical stretched structure consists of decorative brick opening window details, which also define its robustness and traditional character. This is what the clients initially fell in love with, visualising their interior design contrasts and the relationship between them.
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The NYC penthouse with an 80-ft slide


The SkyHouse slide and library. Copyright David Hotson

The SkyHouse takes a century-old skyscraper and turns its upper floors into a playful residential dream

Many of us dream of the house we would like to build, though, in reality, few of us realise these imagined residencies, and often settle for some kind of period conversion. The SkyHouse, a new penthouse apartment in the American Tract Society Building in Manhattan certainly is a conversion; the tower was constructed in 1896, and this crowning apartment occupies the highest floor of the block, as well as a three-storey hipped-roof tower, which tops the building off. However, few of us could imagine living here, even in our wildest dreams.
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