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via Marco Casagrande | Photo © AdDa Zei / Casagrande Laboratory
Here is another fascinating project by Marco Casagrande and his team – “an architectural organism growing from the ruins of an abandoned farm-house in the jungle.”
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(Don’t miss to checkout the models of this project at the link above!)

Ferrari California T


via thecoolist.com

Ferrari has officially taken the wraps off of its newest California-model cruiser, the Ferrari California T gran tourer. This two-door hard-top convertible bears a pretty exclusive badge from Ferrari, as the California series represents some of the most exciting Ferrari models from the new T version back to the late 50s “Ferris Bueller” edition.
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Casa V


via knstrct.com

Draped over the hillside of La Coruña, a busy port city of Spain, sits a new structure that is formalized by the continuous flow of a completely neutral wrap – no edges, no color, no texture. The unfolding piece of architecture, titled Casa V, is the work of Madrid-based studio Dosis de Arquitectura.
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Can Manuel d’en Corda


via architizer.com

Can Manuel d’en Corda is located on a plot of 19,060 m2 of rustic nature in the area of the Vénda des Cap de Barbaria, in the west of the island of Formentera. The most significant pre-existing conditions, which have been maintained and enhanced through the project, are a small forest of pines and junipers located in the west area of the estate and the old house Can Manuel de’n Corda, which reflects the scheme type of the domestic vernacular architecture developed in Formentera between the late eighteenth and mid nineteenth century.
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