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The House of the Infinite


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On a marvelous place like a piece of earthly paradise, at Cádiz, we have built an infinite plane facing the infinite sea, the most radical house we have ever made. At the very edge of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where the sea unites the new and the old continent, emerges a stone platform. At the place where all the ships from the Mediterranean used to pass and still pass by as they head off into the Atlantic.
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#house#1.130 by Estudio Entresitio


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A grand, contemporary home has been built into a long, narrow plot in Madrid, Spain. The Green Roofed Labyrinth House by Estudio Entresitio, known officially as “# House # 1.130″, spans over 5,400 square feet of living space throughout stacked, terraced and green-roofed spaces. Its language is one of variance, where each space has its own unique appeal and constructive layout. It is a home created for a large family and their guests, one that stands out as a modern masterwork in urban environment of Madrid.
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Mirage House by Kois Associated Architects


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Located in the northern side of the Cyclades, Tinos is the third largest island of island group. Well known as the “Island of Madonna”, Tinos is the greatest center of pilgrimage in Greece. Within its landscape of rugged, rocky hills lay more than 40 villages, like marble fragments of an ancient statue scattered across the hills. The island is famous for its unspoiled architecture, its picturesque villages and beautiful scenery.
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Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4


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Huracán is the name of a legendary Spanish bull who fought at Alicante in August 1879, leaving the ring unbeaten. The Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 is pure fighting bull on wheels. At the Geneva Motor Show, in March, it reached new heights in the buzz surrounding the launch of automobiles, thanks in part to a 60-leg promotional tour and 130 events reserved for customers with high aspirations (they have been personally identified by the CEO and president Stephan Winkelmann).
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Set in the serene and quaint town of Anglet on the southwest coast of France, Villa Chiberta by Atelier Delphine Carrere has all the perks of both a cabin in the woods and a beach house. Tucked into a forest of towering pines, a sandy boardwalk leads up to this sweet hideaway complete with private swimming pool. Designed so that no view of this idyllic setting could be missed, the villa also maintains a sense of seclusion.
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via Marco Casagrande | Photo © AdDa Zei / Casagrande Laboratory
Here is another fascinating project by Marco Casagrande and his team – “an architectural organism growing from the ruins of an abandoned farm-house in the jungle.”
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Ferrari California T


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Ferrari has officially taken the wraps off of its newest California-model cruiser, the Ferrari California T gran tourer. This two-door hard-top convertible bears a pretty exclusive badge from Ferrari, as the California series represents some of the most exciting Ferrari models from the new T version back to the late 50s “Ferris Bueller” edition.
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