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IOD Park Thunder Bay


Strong visual contrasts between the Iron Ore Dock’s stained exterior, the clear water of Lake Superior and the subtle growth of grasses and plantlife, provide inspiration for the potential transformation of what this domineering structure may become. (Brook McIlroy Urban Design + Planning)



Standing within the Iron Ore Dock’s belly proves an overwhelming experience; while the stream of light at the structure’s terminus provides magnificent views onto the ‘Sleeping Giant’. (Brook McIlroy Urban Design + Planning)


Photos © Mike Lalich
One of the 2010 summer exhibitions at Harbourfront Centre on Toronto’s waterfront is an exhibition which investigates how we can re-imagine or re-purpose abandoned, under-utilized industrial spaces and structures to create revitalized landscapes Continue Reading

La Suite Cassis

via. cotemaison.fr (Photo © Henri Del Olmo)
3年前にマルセイユに滞在した際にカシスに足を伸ばしたが、その日はあいにくの曇り日で視界もあまり良くなかった。今回のアマルフィ滞在後、車でトゥールーズに戻る際にマルセイユ近辺に一泊するのを楽しみにしていたのだが、その前の経由地であるフィレンツェからの距離が長くなり過ぎてしまうため手前のカンヌに一泊することにし、お気に入りのマルセイユ周辺は高速道路で素通りするだけだった。天気も良かったのでカンヌではなく、カシスのこの宿に泊まることができたらずっと良かったことだろう Continue Reading

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One of the most magical places in Rome was built neither by Romans nor by the Medici family. The American Academy in Rome was built by the Americans and it is probably the most beautiful research center for the fine arts and the humanities.

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