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Tepoztlan Lounge


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In Mexico it was nominated as one of the 54 “Magic Cities”. Only 31 miles from the chaotic capital, Tepoztlan has been the destination of poets, artists and musicians for years. In the peaceful mounts and forests that surround it, the myth states that 1200 years ago was born Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent god worshipped in pre-Columbian Mexico.
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Amager Beach Park


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Amager Beach Park has been one of the largest urban recreational development projects, close to the city centre of Copenhagen. The beach park has transformed the coastal landscape of the city and the island of Amager facing the Sound. The new Amager Beach is designed to be a very special place in the city: a large-scale landscape that provides a contrast to the density of the Copenhagen waterfront. The open sky and wide horizon offer unique experiences. Wind and weather are clearly present. Aircraft flying to and from Copenhagen Airport and ships sailing through the Sound show Copenhagen’s status as a major hub in Scandinavia.
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Chanel Reinvents The Grand Palais


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Couture gowns do not belong on the runway. They belong on the stage. And nobody understands the theatrics of Haute Couture better than Karl Lagerfeld, artistic director and visionary for Chanel, who explained “I saw it in my dream, put it on my paper, gave it to the man that builds my set, and I think he worked it out beautifully.” Lagerfield transformed his dream, into an artistic instrument, which he then used to metamorphose Grand Palais in Paris into a dazzling forest wonderland to display Chanel’s Spring 2013 Haute Couture collection.
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East meets West London


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Tucked away behind London’s Bayswater station, La Suite West hotel is housed in one of those buildings conjured up in the mind of Americans when they imagine our fair city. On a quiet street of enormous town-houses faced in white, with carefully manicured bushes and elegant ironmongery, one imagines that hidden behind the polite facade is a well-to-do family and their governess, Mary Poppins.
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Sever Bar, St. Petersburg


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severe Soviet-era hangout saved by modern touches…

The philosophy behind the creation of Sever Bar in Saint Petersburg is, as you can see, non-invasive; while it’s not exactly a restoration project, neither is it a transformative one either. The painfully original features of the venue, mainly the brutal brick and concrete walls, date from the days when Saint Petersburg was still known as Leningrad, and this premises was the refrigeration room of the Smolninsky bakery.
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Casa del Agua


via Yatzer™ | photo © Jaime Navarro

Water is the most pure existing source, which through design has also been considered a luxury product. It is probably the only product, which is a survival necessity and has been incorporated in many forms to express each person’s lifestyle choice. There are multiple water brands and bottles that say a lot about you. Which water bottle do you carry walking in to the gym? What brand do you have on your dinner table?
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Portugal’s eco-friendly forest resort


Luís Rebelo de Andrade + Diogo Aguiar, Eco-resort of Parque de Pedras Salgadas, Portugal

Luis Rebelo de Andrade and Diogo Aguiar create low key architectural gem in spa town of Pedras Salgadas

It’s easy to feel cynical when the terms ‘eco’ and ‘resort’ are paired up. Is there a rural tourist attraction which doesn’t claim to be such a thing, these days? But sometimes, it’s worth putting one’s cynicism aside to bask in some low-key architectural jewels.
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150M Weekend House


via archilovers.com | photo © Pirak Anurakawachon

Overlooking the rich natural environment, the world’s longest house tops a hill in the Khao yai forest complex, Thailand. Through the water fall as a entrance gate, the road leads you to the main house extending east and west on the left, and on the opposite side, a glass house in the forest as a guest house. The main house is simply composed of a white cube and 2 horizontal plates of 11m wide by 150m long.
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