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Sleepbox 01


via fastcodesign.com

Being trapped in an airport waiting on a delayed flight can feel like an eternity. After exhausting the overpriced food options and duty-free shops, what else is there to do but fidget in a stiff seat and bemoan air travel’s tragic decline? If only there were a comfortable spot to stretch out and take a nap without worrying about someone swiping your luggage. Meet SleepBox 01, a shoebox-size room designed by Arch Group to give weary travelers a place to rest for anywhere between a half hour to several hours. The first full-scale model has been installed in the Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport.
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Jaffa Apartment


via Yatzer™ | photo © Pitsou Kedem Architects
Biggie Kahoonz

Contemporary minimalism usually describes movements in various forms of art and design, especially visual art, where the work is stripped down to its most fundamental features. Such is the case with this historic residential flat in the old port of Jaffa, Tel Aviv – Israel, designed by Israeli-based Pitsou Kedem Architects. The 100 square metre (1,076.4 square feet) residential flat which overlooks the majestic splendour of the Mediterranean Sea is very unique not only for its location, but also for the structure itself.
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Get Wet!


Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino

(the best ad campaign of the summer)

Tom Ford revives the classic concept of Eau de Cologne, by definition a highly diluted blend of citruses, Mediterranean herbs, and jasmine, which originated in Cologne, Germany in 1709.  Neroli Portofino is flush with Tunisian neroli, Sicilian lemon, mandarin, bergamot, and orange blossom water.  Its dominant citrus-floral character is balanced with a classic herbs-de-Provence blend of thyme, rosemary, and lavender, and wrapped in a sheer and warming veil of woods, ambers, and musks.  Lovely for the season – and, apparently – good enough to bathe in…


Portofino, Italy


Indulgent eco-glamping


via theglassmagazine.com

Holidays designed to enjoy England’s scenic countryside have moved far beyond a desolate muddy camping ground with communal cold showers. Glass put ‘glamping’ and ‘green’ together and found that ‘sustainable’ and ‘luxury’ go hand in hand. Designed to reduce our carbon footprint, Glass also found that these country escapes made fine candidates for the future of modern, sustainable living.
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