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Eugenio Recuenco: Making of Nina Ricci


The final cut

Get RAD! It’s Terry again, not Thierry.





I posted about a campaign called “Luxury Reborn” by Belvedere Vodka (LVMH Group) in February, and the PR for them seems to know that I can’t get enough of Terry Richardson. So here we go…

Terry Richardson is saying some good things in these three short films which have been added to Belvedere’s website recently. Especially in the third film where he speaks about the style of his photography, there is something that many perfumers can learn from if they want to be ‘contemporary’ perfumers. Skill and knowledge come first of course, but moving beyond these ‘basics’ in a radical manner (like the great Sophia Grojsman has done long ago) is what I would like to expect from the younger generation of perfumers today.

“Terry Richardson on Connecting with People”

“Terry Richardson on Luxury and Taste”

“Terry Richardson on the Snapshot”

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Watching American TV commercials is usually like flipping through Vogue US which is a lot less interesting than Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia or Vogue Japon. This new commercial by Ford, however, is quite different.

OK, it’s actually made by Ford of Canada.

Good Hair Day


A brilliant ad campaign in Mumbai, India. I can see similar ads appearing on the escalators of the shopping malls in the US.

Vodka of the Year

The new campaign by Belvedere Vodka (originally from Poland) owned by LVMH is called “Luxury Reborn.” The celebrities in the campaign are Terry Richardson, Vincent Gallo and RZA. As you can see from the casts in the commercial, this is a niche campaign, and people who don’t get it are unlikely to recognize the campaign.

Thierry Wasser

Thierry Wasser

Thierry Wasser

If you can relate to the short commercial, it’s worth checking out the interview of Vincent Gallo at the Belvedere Vodka’s website. Unfortunately the entire site is Flash, and the navigations is not so good. The interview can be found where it says DISCOVER LUXURY REBORN/THE CAMPAIGN BEHIND THE SCENE after the splash page.

And for those who love perfumes – Sabina Belli, the woman who is interviewing Vincent Gallo, was Dior’s International Marketing Director for Fragrance, Cosmetics and Skincare a few years ago. According to perfumer Thierry Wasser, he was able to complete the scent of Dior Addict in just two and a half months because of Sabina Belli’s inspiring description of what she wanted for the fragrance.