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An amazing talent, a tremendous loss

Laurent Bruyere / ローラン・ブリュイエール (1964年12月12日 – 2008年11月17日) 「何か 面白いことを 一緒にやろうよ」 そんなメールのやりとりを何度かしただけ 一度も会う機会のないまま 昨晩 パリで 43歳という若さで逝ってしまった まだ これからだったのに ・合掌・ 謹んでご冥福をお祈り申し上げる photo: © Hajime Watanabe, all rights reserved.

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Wednesday Follow-ups

Here are some followups on our previous posts:

DesignTide Tokyo 2008 & Tokyo Design Week 2008 (10/30/08)
Our pics from DesignTide Tokyo 2008 is here. (it was too crowded…)

Δ , 2006 (10/28/08) »
You can see how the house is lived in here. (unfortunately, the images are small and low rez.)

Hyperbolic Paraboloids (10/20/08) »
You can see an image of the house with a car parked next to it at Judit Bellostes.

Dancing trees, Singing birds (10/04/08) »
I guess it’s time to take the myth away from this highly unique (and very popular) architecture. Here is the website of the developer of FLEG Bird Park a.k.a. “Dancing trees, Singing birds.”