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Last Friday I received 3 new mods from Laurent for Katie. They came along with 2 fantastic scents which were not on the market. I had asked Laurent if he could share some of his “secrets” with the winners of the quizzes at Made by Blog, and he was gracious enough not only to agree to it but included one of his best kept secrets.
These two scents make me realize again how great a perfumer Laurent is. [by Nobi]

And the two perfumers are…

The perfumer on the left is the international man of mystery Thierry Wasser. Like Jacques Cavallier he is better known in Japan than in the US. Check out more portraits of Thierry at albertdelamour.com (choose ‘Portraits’ from the left nav bar). The perfumer on the right is Richard Herpin, a very nice guy who always attracts beautiful women.

Artureef, Shifts, please contact Made by Blog (madebyblog at gmail.com) with your mailing address. You will receive a scent which is not on the market.

Quiz 2

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If you can name these two perfumers….
… you will win a prize (undecided).

Perfumer on left: Francis Kurkdjian, Thierry Wasser, or Laurent Bruyere
Perfumer on right: Harry Fremont, Olivier Polge, or Richard Herpin

Laurent’s Reply, and a Quick Note Back

Laurent read my reviews from his first two mods, and sent back his reply already!

Dear Katie,

What a review !!!!! I had no idea that these fragrances would trigger such excitement and emotions. I really appreciate that you took the time to live with the fragrances, which shows that you have a lot of respect for what “perfumers” do. And I have a lot of fun reading all the comments on the blog.

After reading your review a couple of times, I just want to make sure that I understand what you are expecting in the reworks. So we are definitely going to start from Auxeos “C”. I’m going to look at what makes “B” more powerful in the back and see if I can borrow some elements from it to give more volume to “C”. If it doesn’t work I will just intensify the elements of “C”. It looks like we are a little shy with you girls;we need to turn the volume up !!!! I just have a quick question: do you think that all the elements you wanted in your fragrance are already in the composition, or is there something that you are missing ?

Thank you for being so passionate,


I dropped him a quick note back…

Dear Laurent,

Oh good lord! Of course I’m excited! For me, this is the equivalent of throwing out the first pitch at a ball game – I’d be a plumb idiot not to be thrilled.

If it is at all possible, I really would love to have some of the warm drydown in “B” incorporated. However, can we also add in the dark gold gleam of frankincense an entirely explicit note? Just for emphasis, I’d like to add a plea to please not lose the little salty lick I liked so much in “C,” which was just lovely.

“It look like we are a little shy with you girls,we need to turn the volume up !!!!” Heh heh. Crank up the amp to 11!


Marina’s Message to Clement regarding the second mod of Holy Grail

This concludes Marina’s Round 2 with mod R2/D.
My second mod, Holy Grail R2/D has arrived! This is my message to Clement regarding the mod:

Dear Clement,

I was so thrilled to try my second mod! It started with a spicy explosion of saffron and my heart rejoiced. I do like this version more than Mod No. 1, simply because it is spicier, warmer and more “substantial”, not as ethereal.

For the next mod I was wondering if we could make it even warmer, heavier and more animalic. I know that my proposal said that I want my scent to be spicy, but I was thinking that perhaps we could tone down the spice (which I perceive to be mainly saffron) a little, not so much by reducing the amount of it as by making the other notes stronger. As it is, to my nose and on my skin,” saffron” overwhelms everything else. I do smell a little musk and some amber in the drydown, but apart from that the scent seems rather linear, like a saffron “soliflore”. (If you are familiar with Safram by Laura Tonatto, this is how Mod 2 smells to my nose.)

I would absolutely love the scent to have more woods, particularly sandalwood. And I would be so happy if the musk was made much, much stronger. I also want this musk to be very obviously “dirty”. No clean musk for me, please. I don’t know if you had a chance to read the comments made by our readers about the first mod…One of my wonderful fellow bloggers, March, came up with an idea of Marina’s Skank-o-Meter. On a scale of 1 to 10, where Clair de Musc by Serge Lutens is 1 and Muscs Koublai Khan is a perfect 10, I would like my Holy Grail to be 8,5 or maybe even 9. Please don’t hold back and don’t be afraid to scare me off with animalic notes. I love my scents to be dark and dirty.

I also wanted to note that some of the people who received the 2nd mod told me that they smelled a leather note there. I was a little upset that there seemed to be no leather on my skin. However, after a couple of more tries, I did actually start to smell leather, albeit faintly, in the very late drydown. I would love for that note to be much stronger! Paired with the dirty kind of musk I have in mind, spiced up by some saffron and cardamom, softened by the velvety sandalwood and perhaps some vanilla…oh my!

To sum it all up and hopefully to amuse you, here are my impressions and wishes:

This is how Mod R2/D smells right now- bright, thrilling, but essentially insubstantial:


This is how I would like it to smell- warm, sensual, generous, inviting, like a fire burning in the darkness of the night:


I also want it to be “dirty” and not at all innocent. I would go as far as to say that I want it to smell “dangerous”, perhaps even a little sinister…Like this:


Franz von Stuck, Sin

Thank you very much again! I am looking forward to hearing from you and to the next mod!

Best wishes,

The images are from art.com.

The samples of R2/D are now available in the online shop.

Made by Blog: Round 1 Trial Set Now Available

A set of the three trial fragrances from Round 1, which includes Holy Grail R1/A and Auxeos R1/B and R1/C, is now available for purchase via the online store. Each sample in the set comes in a 3.5ml plastic spray vial. Please note that the availability of these samples is quite limited, and will be sold on a first come, first served basis only. Thank you so much for your support!