There is a strong similarity among these four facades. The first building (1) is, of course, the famous Azuma House by Tadao Ando. The rest of the three buildings (2, 3 & 4) were designed by a much younger generation of architects. Ando’s Azuma House was epoch-making in the history of Japanese design, but I doubt if it had any influence on these younger architects. The resemblance is merely superficial when you see what is going on on the other side. Check it out by yourself.

1. 32 years ago…
Azuma House 1976
by Tadao Ando (b. 1941)
This is fun!
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2. Only last year.
New Cap Bldg. 2007
by Katsuhiro Shimizu (b. 1974)
The architect’s website

3. Also last year.
LAD Musician Nagoya 2007
by Shin Ohori (b. 1967)
The architect’s website

4. It’s brand new.
W-Window House 2008
by Kentaro Takeguchi & Asako Yamamoto
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