A great staircase makes a great sculpture, and I enjoy this image the same way I enjoy the sculptures by Donald Judd.

I haven’t even seen this house in real but imagine that the staircase defines and dictates much of what goes on inside the house.

W-Window House in Kyoto was designed and built by the husband and wife team of architects (Alphaville) Kentaro Takeguchi and Asako Yamamoto as their residence.

We will show you the images of the exterior and the plans of this unique house in our next post, and for now, follow the images below starting from the first floor to the top floor.

First floor: dining/kitchen area, *enter with shoes on*.

Second floor: living room, *shoes are removed from this floor up*.

Third floor: bedroom

Top floor: child’s room

Part 2: Exterior

all images: © ALPHAVILLE & Kei Sugino, all rights reserved.