Who: Makoto Yamaguchi Design   What: Single family residence (2 adults + 1 child)   Where: Komae, Tokyo   When: 2007 (completion)   How: One story with basement, reinforced concrete construction.   Site Area: 2929 square feet (272.13m²)   Construction Area: 1140 square feet (105.88m²)   Total Floor Area: 1930 square feet (179.28m²)   Photographer: DAICI ANO   Website: www.ymgci.net   Tag(s): Makoto Yamaguchi

Photos © DAICI ANO

House in Komae

The site, which is shaped like a flagpole, is completely surrounded by neighboring houses and their garden trees along its periphery. The garden trees give the site a rather preferable impression and the “flagpole” gateway that separates the main site from the public street creates an exceptionally tranquil atmosphere. The neighborhood, however, is dominated by old houses, which are likely to be transformed into more modern apartment buildings at any time. Therefore, the design concept is intended to maintain the living environment of residents without the effects of sudden changes in the surroundings.

A piano room with acoustic issues and private rooms are located in the basement. Four light courts allow daylight into the basement while reflecting it on the curved wall of the vertical vault, creating a quiet and calm atmosphere that is perfect for a basement intended for private use.

The living room on the ground floor is always lit behind the intermittently visible curved wall by openings facing the exterior walls and light courts. A sense of continuing depth lends enchantment to the house. As long as the windows let daylight into the building, the attractiveness of the interior space will not be diminished by any change in the neighboring environment.

A mixture of sizes, shapes, and daylight produced by the unconfined combination of light courts and curved walls continues into the depth, altering the impression bit by bit. A series of slightly and vaguely shifting changes in atmosphere creates a harmonious sense of both segmentation and unity of space at this residence.

Makoto Yamaguchi / Makoto Yamaguchi Design



Images courtesy of Makoto Yamaguchi Design.