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Tsutsu no Ie by Hideki Iwahori was built for a family with specific needs. The house was designed to accommodate three adults, parents with their grown-up son in a wheelchair, maintaing a certain degree of privacy from each other… certainly not an easy thing to accomplish considering the small size of the house. Tsutsu no Ie received the Good Design Award in 2008. For more views of the interior and the drawings of the house go to Hideki Iwahori Architectural Design Office’s website.



via Hideki Iwahori Architectural Design Office
Who: Hideki Iwahori
What: Two-generation residence
Where: Mitaka City, Tokyo
When: June 2007
How: Two-story wood frame construction
Site Area: 1,200 square feet (111.44m²)
Construction Area: 625 square feet (58.11m²)
Total Floor Area: 944 square feet (87.72m²)