In a house surrounded by trees, Mohini hyperventilates into a paper bag to calm her anxiety – she is being haunted by Christlike visions, vodka drinks, and a projection of her soul as a strange creature.

Alone in a car with this surreal shape of her vital bodily functions, she attempts to escape her darkness.

Mohini Geisweiller
“Milk Teeth”
Label: Columbia/Sony Music

Director: Danakil
Producer: Grégory Escure
Production Company: Basic Films
DoP: Nicolas Loir (API Corp)
1st AD : Antoine Poulet
1st Asst Camera : Claire Lance
Editor : Mark Maborough
Post : Damien Canaméras @ Mikros Image
Hair & Make Up : Martena Duss & Elsa Durrens
Thanks : NMC & Stance