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Friday Links

03/26: This Week from Tokyo
…I found my old friend Sotaro Miyagi’s desin here.
» MoCo Loco

03/25: Valleaceron Chapel
» SpaceInvading

03/25: Box Light by Jonas Hakaniemi
…simple, smart, beautiful
» MoCo Loco

03/16: Yuko Nagayama’s new building
…an interesting facade
» site/シキチ

03/15: Pavilion Elbphilharmonie by Studio Andreas Heller
» Judit Bellostes

03/07: Linq (advertising agency) by NU architectuuratelier
…simple and beautiful
» Judit Bellostes


A few people asked us about the rents of these “Bikers’ Apartments” in Tokyo.

The rent of an apartment unit where you can keep a motorcycle inside ranges from $800 to $1700 a month. The more you pay the fancier and more convenient it gets.

Currently these units are available:

One apartment (448 SF) is available at NE Apartment for about $1,660 a month.

Another one (349 SF) is available at Apartment in Shimokitazawa for about $1,375 a month.

And a few units are still available at Creer Ukimafunado for about $1,300 a month and up.