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Fictional Futures


If my experience of culture has proven anything to me it is that we have an insatiable desire to escape our own realities and create new ones. It also points to a fundamental psychological reliance upon fiction as a way to understand the world and our place within it. Idealisation relies upon fantasy. We could not plan for the future without fiction …read the rest of this article by allabouteveryone @ SpaceCollective »


Blog on vacation

One of the most magical places in Rome was built neither by Romans nor by the Medici family. The American Academy in Rome was built by the Americans and it is probably the most beautiful research center for the fine arts and the humanities.

(Sorry for having no posts last week. The blog will be on vacation till the end of July.)


Scarlett Johansson's Hollywood Hills home


我が零細企業の商品に100%LOVEという香水があるが、それを愛用しているという(ある店員の話であり、事実は確認されていない)女優スカーレット・ヨハンソンのハリウッドヒルズにある家が、一週間程前から売りに出されている。価格は495万ドルだが、ヨハンソンは3年前にこの家を700万ドルで購入している… 美貌と名声、パーフェクトなように見えても、こういう部分でちょっと失敗したりするところがカワイイ。


Things That Make Us Go HMM…

If you saw our previous post, you might wonder what kind of building codes and regulations we have in big cities of Japan. Neither Gero nor I am an architect and cannot explain them with accuracy. These are interesting issues, and we are going to do some research. Thank you to some of you who have raised questions!