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The Big Black

Sorry for the slowness again. I am quite distracted by my old new (or new old?) home recently. Whether or not to remove this white elephant, which has a width of more than 48 inches, had tormented me for weeks. It doesn’t costs money to keep it but it costs space in the kitchen, which was not built for electric/gas appliances…
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running at idle

What We Do Is Secret’s blog partner Gero returned briefly to Tokyo last weekend but is gone again to Okinawa where he is involved in some kind of elaborate carpentry work. While Gero is away, the blog will slow down a bit, and I will be showing only one house (a new house by Junichi Sampei) next week. We apologize for the slow posting for the next few weeks.

Rome… I am green!

A few months ago I had heard that one of my son’s classmates was moving to Rome. I told the parents that it was my dream to live there for a year and I was very envious.

Last week I had a call from my best friend T whom I haven’t seen for years despite the fact we live not far from each other, but just because we are both in a different phase of life now. I mentioned about him a while ago in this blog.

T says “Hey man, I’ll be leaving for Rome soon for one year, so let’s get together.” He got the Rome Prize and will be on fully paid sabbatical from his work for a year, which give his wife and children the opportunity to join the Roman life. “You should come visit me. I will let you kneel in front of me to kiss my ring!” he laughs out loud.

I applied for the Rome Prize once more than ten years ago and of course didn’t get it. I felt then that I could eventually receive the prize by trying another time or two. But I’ve never tried again.

I have never been to Rome or any other part of Italy. While Pope John Paul II was still alive, I used to joke I wouldn’t go to Rome since if I ever had a chance to be at the Pope’s weekly general audience at St. Peter’s Square I might pee my pants and would never return home. I once in a while had this profoundly weird dream, I saw myself being ordained in Vatican.

Of course that wasn’t the reason I stopped pursuing the opportunity to go to Rome. I just slacked off.

I found a line saying “I’m in Rome now for the month of June…” this morning at my regular stop. Is Rome becoming a directional keyword for the new phase of my life? I hope not…

In the picture above, the always elegant Meier’s architecture seems particularly beautiful in Rome/ Jubilee Church Dio Padre Misericordioso Rome.

Random Friday

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05/17: Today’s archidose #313
…アントン・ガルシア・アブリル アンド アンサンブル・スタジオによる、スペインのサンティアゴ・デ・コンポステーラにある大学の音楽センター建物。『ずどーん』…
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05/16: The Standard New York
…モコロコのHarryさんが、ニューヨークに新しくオープンしたThe Standard New Yorkを現場から報告。ユマ・サーマンの元恋人でホテル王のアンドレ・バラズ氏が、各地から招待した数名のブロガー達を自ら案内した。
» MoCo Loco


今週は忙しかったので、建築本“Strike a Pose” 第三章のレヴューはお休み。そのかわり、昔々、安藤忠雄氏に初めてお会いした頃、建築を「生きるか死ぬか」という表現で話されていたことをふと思い出したので、今日から全米で公開されるマイク・タイソンのドキュメンタリーフィルムのムービートレイラーを御紹介。残念ながらここにあるものは、米国でしか見ることのできない設定になっているので、この映画に興味のある方は、映画のオフィシャルサイトを御覧あれ。

A long time ago, Tadao Ando once told me about a similarity between boxing and architecture. He was a young (I was like a kid still…) and extremely intense man with a threatening gaze. Basically Ando was trying to tell me that one needs to approach architecture like its do or die… heww, what a view on architecture.

I had no interest in martial arts of any kind around that time, but was intrigued by a nineteen year old kid named Mike Tyson that I saw on TV one day. I started to follow his every fight on TV. This documentary film which opens today shows many clips from that time as well as some people like Teddy Atlas, Mitch “Blood” Green I got to know later at the gym in Brooklyn.

Tyson was AWESOME. So was Ando… but I am having a hard time finding any commonality between boxing and architecture.